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Value from waste

From waste to resource

Increasing mineral waste volumes and stricter regulations connected with increasing handling cost requires development actions. Simoultaneousely waste is a potential resource for valuable and scares material.

Main topics of development are:

  • Fractionation and classification for recovery of valuable pure fractions or elimination of harmful fractions for improvement of the basic material
  • Refinement processes: eg. thermal treatment methods
  • Combinatory methods results in cost efficient solutions

Organic waste refining

Agro-industrial (non-forestry), municipal waste and bioenergy sectors are facing increasing pressure to reduce or utilize better their by-product flows or locate new sources of materials. Same time competition and regulations are pushing companies work harder. We are working to provide solutions for this challenge:

  • Fractionation and separation technologies at the lab and pilot-scale to facilitate the identification and development of new value chains
  • Design of more efficient processes at source for the utilization of raw materials leading to a reduction in current waste levels
  • Development of efficient/novel cellular and biocatalyst solutions operationally within existing and tailored facilities leading towards a zero waste society

Industrial symbiosis

Industrial symbiosis group works to find out ways to produce cost-effective integrated solutions which change material and energy losses to business.

The design of solutions is based on innovative combination of technological competencies and further development and piloting of technologies for specific applications. Technologies to be developed:

  • Problem-solving concepts based on utilization of VTT’s multitechnological competence
  • Integrated waste treatment concepts enabling efficient material and energy recovery
  • Integration of life cycle thinking into material, product and process development