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Water technology solutions

Advanced membranes

Membrane processes are seen as a main solution for managing increasing water scarcity and enabling water reuse. VTT provides research services and innovative solutions in multiple areas of membrane technology.

The main topics we work on today and for tomorrow:

  • Research for improved endurance
  • Membrane material solutions
  • Process optimisation, modelling and simulation

Management of microbes and micropollutants in water treatment

Utilization of the unique properties of both tailored and ubiquitous microorganisms, enzymes and proteins promotes possibilities for novel water treatment concepts and targeted treatment. Efficient and targeted water treatment processes are developed by combining biotechnology to chemical and physical methods

  • Detoxifying or removing pollutants
  • Recovery of nutrients and valuable material
  • Discovery of new biological activities and utilization of the microbial diversity

Sludge and Concentrates

Treatment of liquid side streams in industry and municipalities have become an important part of sustainable solutions in environmental business. VTT GWW Sludge and Concentrate module delivers research services for customers who want to improve their business in a sustainable way.

  • Pretreatment and dewatering of waste water sludge and concentrate
  • Recovery of nutrients and valuable materials from liquid waste
  • Biogas production from liquid biowaste