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Research and technologies

Research activities at VTT encompass forecasting future technological and market development trends, creating novel know-how, providing customers with new development impulses, developing technologies and concepts, applying technologies, and enhancing technology transfer and utilization.

Collaboration with the world´s most prominent research partners and an active involvement in international research and innovation activities are an essential component of VTT´s research and development work. R&D networking guarantees VTT’s persistent position in the vanguard of international research in selected focus areas.

Additional information

Anne-Christine Ritschkoff
Executive Vice President, Strategic Research
+358 20 722 5546

Jouko Suokas
Executive Vice President, Smart industry and energy systems
+358 20 722 3200

Kari Larjava
Executive Vice President, Solutions for natural resources and environment
+358 20 722 6162

Petri Kalliokoski
Executive Vice President, Knowledge intensive products and services
+358 20 722 4767