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High-performance microsystems

The programme generates innovations based on microtechnologies for spearhead areas where VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland produces world-class research results and is in the position of technological leader. There is a strong emphasis in the programme on the commercialization of already verified research results by refining the results into product-like demonstrators.

The central market-driven offerings are made into products in the following product development lines:
- sensors
- radio frequency (RF) modules
- radiation detectors
- timing circuits.

With sensors, the emphasis in research is in microelectromechanical (MEMS) sensors particularly targeted on consumer electronics and industrial applications. With RF modules, the main focus is on technologies and solutions that enable the adaptive front ends of multifrequency radios. Research in radiation detectors particularly concentrates on large surface-area silicon detectors. The goal with timing circuits is to improve the performance of oscillators using silicon resonators to the level that the applications based on quartz resonators could be replaced by silicon technology.

The product development lines utilize the unique production equipment found in Micronova’s clean room. Commercialization is supported by a tailored patent portfolio for the product lines. Customers benefit from clear and documented product and service provision. This is a strong foundation for solutions to customers’ current technological problems and for the birth of new applications. The programme also gives support and acceleration to the creation of technology-intensive start-up enterprises for Micronova.

Additional information

Aarne Oja
Research Professor, Programme Manager
+358 20 722 6526