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GWW - Green Solutions for Water and Waste

Water scarcity and the sustainable use of materials are global challenges that require new innovative processes and technologies. 

The principles of ecological efficiency and sustainability are strong drivers for a sustainable industry and society. Business in the field of environmental technology is growing rapidly and supports the progress towards zero emission processes.

The vision of VTT spearhead programme Green Solutions for Water and Waste (GWW) is to create technological stepping stones towards a zero emission society using our internationally recognised competence.

Central technologies in GWW are energy efficient water purification and reuse, recovery of valuable compounds from waste and side streams and new waste recycling processes. Focus is on developing membrane technologies, recovery of critical minerals and new waste derived products. Sustainability and efficiency are ensured with new monitoring and data management tools.

The strength of the programme is to broadly integrate the competence in different technological sectors to create innovative solutions.

The main beneficiaries of the GWW spearhead programme are the domestic and international environmental, process- and technology industries. The goal of the programme is to create new cross cutting technological solutions to support the development of a sustainable industry and society.

Additional information

Arnold Mona
Programme Manager, Senior Researcher
+358 20 722 5289