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Open Smart Spaces

Open Smart Spaces develops technology for local smart spaces. The programme integrates the digital and physical worlds, and provides people with easy access to situation-relevant information and services, as well as new scopes for action.

Technical enablers and interoperability of devices, services and applications will form the platform on which a new business ecosystem is built. This new socio-technical ecosystem will be a significant source of new growth.

The key technologies are local wireless communication, networks of sensors, actuators and intelligent objects, and context awareness, as well as novel user interaction methods.

The development towards open interoperability makes the next big disruption in the ICT business possible. Open Smart Spaces will develop the interoperability of devices, services and applications (new Human Technology Interaction paradigms), and develop, demonstrate and pilot new service and product concepts.

In the first stage, the results of the programme will benefit ICT products and the service industry, tele operators and software companies. In the next phase, the results will be used by services such as the retail, banking, logistics, maintenance, fitness and health sectors, as well as facility management. Government, infrastructure and manufacturing and process industries will also benefit from the results.

Additional information

Heikki Ailisto
Research Professor, Programme Manager
+358 20 722 2233