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We develop biomicrosystems and lab-on-a-chip devices for various diagnostic and analytic applications in medicine, biology and environmental monitoring. Internal networking provides a unique background for cross-scientific research.

Most of our biomicrosystems are based on microfluidic technologies. Microfluidic structures can be integrated with optical, electrical, and mechanical functions to realise fully integrated lab-on-a-chip solutions. We provide packaging as well as the design and realisation of measurement and user interfaces for these devices. Our expertise in tailoring molecular thin films and new antibodies ensures that we are able to serve our customers widely in this application field.


Biomicrosystems have potential to minimise required sample and reagent volumes per analysis, to reduce the analysis times, and to increase the analysis throughput. Due to the cost efficiency and small system size, biomicrosystems also enable analysis outside the laboratory. Disposable devices and point-of-care (POC) diagnostics are challenges we are currently working on.

One of our challenges is also to study biomicrosystems in new application fields. We are currently developing technology for monitoring industrial bioprocesses. We strongly believe that biomicrosystems have the potential to provide greater throughput to the screening of production organisms as well as to reduce the overall bioprocess development times.


Polymeric microfluidic devices

  • roll-to-roll manufacturing
  • flat-bed hot-embossing
  • printed optofluidics
  • printed electrofluidics
  • printable bioreceptor materials
  • injection moulding

Silicon and glass based microfluidics

  • deeply etched multistep structures in silicon and glass
  • integrated heating and temperature measuring electrodes
  • integrated conductivity measurement

Heterogeneous/hybrid integration and packaging

Antibody development and engineering

Molecule-specific sensing surfaces (SAM, synthetic receptors)

Modelling and design

Microacoustic sensors

Novel optical detection methods

  • Label-free polymer waveguide Young interferometer biosensor
  • Surface enhanced fluorescence
  • Plasmonics

Fluorescence/optics-based reader technology

  • TR-FRET reader
  • POCTER – point-of-care lateral flow test reader
  • customised optical reader solutions
  • SPR


  • capillary electrophoresis (CE)
  • polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
  • transcript analysis on chip (TRAC)
  • solid phase extraction (SPE)
  • cell chips
  • microneedles
  • biosensors
  • point-of-care diagnostics (POC)
  • lab-on-a-chip
  • bioprocess analytics
  • bioactive paper


Our biomicrosystems technology provides

  • innovative microfluidic structures and functions
  • integrated optical and (micro)electronic functions
  • cost effective manufacturing
  • interfacing between the micro-and macrofluidics
  • easy to use measurement interface for lab-on-chips
  • surface functionalisation
  • customized reader devices

Successful R&D can be exploited via small/medium-scale production in VTT facilities, and fluently transferred to mass production.

Handling of magnetic beads withing microfluidic biochip

Additional information

Leena Hakalahti
Senior Research Scientist, Team Leader (polymer microfluidics, immunosensors)
+358 20 722 2312

Päivi Heimala
Senior Research Scientist (silicon and glass based microfluidics)
+358 20 722 6637

Kai-Erik Elers
Customer Manager
+358 20 722 6720

Ilkka Kaisto
Customer Manager
+358 20 722 2121