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Industrial biotechnology

VTT is developing novel production concepts for bioproducts. 

The development of more efficient production strains, enzymes and processes is creating value for our partners. Our expertise covers the entire value chain, from biomass to products, with versatile facilities for process scale-up and piloting. Our solutions for sustainable production are based on renewable resources.

For NatureWorks, the leading producer of bioplastics and one of our long-term partners, we worked on the metabolic engineering of yeast to make lactic acid production feasible. NatureWorks gained a new biotechnical process that can be operated in industrial scale – with high productivity and efficiency.

Metabolic pathway engineering: focusing on industrially important organisms

VTT’s special expertise includes engineering of eukaryotic microbial production hosts, plants and plant cells, as well as algae. We have developed strains and processes for the production of bulk chemicals, such as polymer precursors and biofuels, and fine chemicals, such as pharmaceuticals. Strains are also generated for brewing and for the efficient production of enzymes and other proteins.

Our work applies the new tools of synthetic biology, bioinformatics and cell imaging. The combination of microfluidics and electrochemical synthesis in our cell factory concepts is just one example of VTT’s multidisciplinary nature.

We have coordinated large EU-projects, such as SmartCell and NEMO. VTT is a member of two European Technology Platforms, Sustainable Chemistry and Plants for the Future. We are also involved in European science policy, including membership of the European Plant Science Organization.

Industrial biotechnology production platforms

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