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Software for chemical process simulation

VTT is making the most of the digitalisation of chemistry.

VTT’s ChemSheet is advanced software, focused on multi-phase chemical thermodynamics. The program is a unique thermochemical simulation platform that combines the workability of spreadsheet operations with exact multi-phase thermodynamic calculations.

The program defines customised thermodynamic applications as independent worksheets and runs simulations directly from the spreadsheet.

ChemSheet and other multi-phase calculation programs are used in over 20 countries worldwide.

Innovative customer solutions with ChemSheet

The use of ChemSheet has expanded to numerous industrial applications, including chemical engineering, pulp and paper, metallurgy, zinc recycling, and steel and cement manufacturing. ChemSheet has helped to improve energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of major industrial processes.

In addition to several offline process models, ChemSheet has been adapted to support operational process control through spreadsheet connection of the multi-phase chemistry data to a PI server.

Chemsheet also allows development of expert systems for process design: its use in Valmet Power’s SteaMax system – constructing a waste and biofuel power plant superheater – helps the design engineer decide when it is safe to switch from high-alloyed stainless steel to cheaper material.

“ChemSheet model inside our SteaMax system allows for considerable savings in material cost while also helps us in our growing customer service business,” says Dr Sonja Enestam of Valmet Power Oy. 

Software alternatives for specific applications

In addition to ChemSheet, VTT has developed a number of specialised software applications, including Ratemix for combining reaction kinetics with multicomponent thermodynamics, KilnSimu for counter-current rotary drums, CheMac for simulation of multi-stage pulp treatments, and ChemPool for simulation of complex chemistry for nuclear accident scenarios.

"KilnSimu is very powerful and useful tool to analyse the whole cement-making process. With KilnSimu we can estimate the effect of process improvements quantitatively,” says Dr Morihisa Yokota, a long-term KilnSimu user from the Corporate Research and Development of at Ube Industries.

ChemSheet and Kilnsimu are available to our international customers through our partners in Germany, Japan, USA and Canada, as well as from Process Flow Solutions Ltd Oy.

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