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Cleanroom services


VTT provides world class cleanroom facilities in Micronova (Espoo) and the Micromodule Center in Oulu. They are dedicated to the fabrication of silicon-based nanoelectronic and MEMS devices and micromodule assembly respectively.

The expertise necessary for the maintenance of these advanced facilities, as well as the service, repair and installation of process and measurement equipment, is a main resource. This expertise can also be utilized in services for other customers. The services provided include the functional design of cleanrooms, supervision of cleanroom building installations and cleanroom training.

VTT offers pilot and small volume production of microelectronic devices, as well as leasing of cleanroom space and process equipment at Micronova. Research and development into new processes and components are seamlessly integrated with the production service for customers.

The unique feature of VTT is its mastery of the whole chain of evolution of a new product, from fundamental research and process development to prototyping and small-scale production. The utilisation of these resources gives customer companies a substantial competitive advantage.

Micronova Cleanrooms

Micronova Cleanrooms are defined as a National Research Infrastructure by the Ministry of Education, maintained by VTT and Helsinki University of Technology.

The main cleanrooms cover a total area of 2 600 m². The cleanroom classification ranges from Class 10 (ISO 4) to 1000 (ISO 6). Cleanrooms are of the Clean Bay – Service Chase type, with a raised, perforated floor and ventilation based on filter fan units. There are also two smaller modular cleanrooms for back-end and ion implantation processes (Class ISO 6).

The cleanrooms were built in two phases. The first, 1 100 m² part was built in 1997 and totally renovated and refurbished in 2006. The extension was commissioned in 2002 and is in joint use by VTT and the Helsinki University of Technology.

The process equipment is mainly for a 150 mm wafer size, but some processes can also be performed on 200 mm wafers - nanolithography, wafer bonding, CMP, back-grinding and advanced micropackaging.

Process Technologies

Main available processes

  • Nanolithography
  • CMOS
  • Surface MEMS
  • Wafer bonding
  • Flip-chip bonding
  • Atomic Layer Deposition
  • Thin film processing
    - Superconducting thin films
    - Piezo- and ferroelectric thin film

Process and Measurement Equipment

  • Lithography
  • Etching
  • Furnace Processes
  • Ion Implantation
  • Sputtering
  • Equipment for Back-end Processes
  • Characterization Equipment

Micromodule Centre

The main cleanrooms cover a total area of 1 000 m². The cleanroom classification ranges from Class 100 (ISO 5) to 10000 (ISO 7). Main research areas are module level packaging, micro- and nanophotonics and printed intelligence.

Process Technologies

Main available processes

  • LTCC
  • Printed electronics and optics in PICO
  • Thick film processing
  • Polymer-based photonics components

Process and Measurement Equipment

  • Evaporation and coating
  • Bonding
  • Encapsulation and hermetic sealing
  • Furnace Processes
  • Characterization Equipment
  • Fibre pigtailing
  • Lithography and nanoimprinting

Additional information

Ulrika Gyllenberg
Senior Specialist
+358 20 722 6664