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Design and machining of micro and precision mechanics


VTT has strong experience in the design and manufacture of high precision mechanics for optical analysers and measurement systems, scientific devices, bioreader instruments and more. The use of state-of-the-art computer numerical control (CNC) machining centres as well as design and simulation tools has created new possibilities for optical and optomechanical instrumentation. Our optomechanical engineering competences have been demonstrated by the integration of optical functions directly to the high-accuracy parts of various non-imaging optical systems. The increased accuracy of the manufacturing of complexly shaped mechanical parts has also led to the possibility of using the CNC machining in the reformation of the optomechanics for small-sized, robust and high performance optical systems. Sophisticated tools and methods give us the possibility and flexibility to optimise the total process from a sketch to a ready system. Therefore, our experience is used also in other fields of complex manufacturing, such as in the aeronautical, space and medical industries as well as in integrated electromechanical solutions.


High performance optomechanical engineering consists of

  • Design and simulation competencies
  • Material knowledge of metals, steels, aluminium, plastics, glass and ceramic materials
  • 5-axis CNC-programming and tooling simulation of very demanding parts and modules
  • High integration level of optics, mechanics and electronics in optomechanical devices


  • Optomechanic design and simulation (FEM analysis) services
  • CAM design and simulation of multi-axis tooling
  • High accuracy multi-axis machining technologies
  • Optomechanical device implementation, from design to testing
  • Characterisation of mechanical and optical properties of the instrument


  • Extensive set of machining equipment including 5-axis CNC machines

References and merits

  • Optical analysers for the process industry
  • Space and aviation instruments
  • Industrial applications

Additional information

Jouko Malinen
Head of Research Area
+358 20 722 2247

Additional information

Jouko Malinen
Head of Research Area
+358 20 722 2247

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