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Drug Development, Cancer Systems Biology and Diagnostics


VTT provides high-quality translational services in the field of medical biotechnology, drug discovery, diagnostics and plant biotechnology.

In pharmaceutical development, VTT offers a selection of novel, innovative tools to gain insights into molecular make-up, functional status and druggability of cancer cells for more efficient lead candidate evaluation. Our research services are carried out by using miniaturized, cost-effective and versatile cell-based assays. These assays include state-of-the-art molecular cell biology and cellular imaging techniques with high-throughput and high-content approaches depending on the customer’s needs. We have developed new bioinformatic and in silico analysis tools offering detailed translational data analyses. In this process our customers also benefit from the knowledge of our experienced scientists having expertise in areas including, but not limited to, cancer systems biology, cell adhesion, and cell division research.

Our cancer research expertise can help you in the following research areas:

VTT offers the development of recombinant antibodies for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. VTT’s existing, functional antibody phage display libraries can be used for the rapid isolation of different binding specificities. Customized antibody libraries can be constructed from immune and non-immune sources as well as patient-derived samples. Antibody engineering can be exploited to improve the properties of antibodies in, for example, immunoassays.

Our expertise in molecular diagnostics and immunotechnology:

  • Construction of antibody phage display libraries
  • Isolation of antibodies from phage display libraries
  • In vitro high-throughput selection and screening of antibody libraries by a robotic workstation
  • Large-scale production of antibody fragments in E.coli
  • Characterization of antibody binding properties
  • Improvement of antibody properties

Plants provide a largely untapped resource of natural compounds for the discovery and development of novel pharmaceuticals, the diversity of which is unmatched by and complementary to purely synthetic compounds. In plant biotechnology we focus mainly on the exploitation of in vitro systems.


Our expertise in plant biotechnology:

  • Plant cell and tissue culture technologies
  • Engineering of plant-derived high-value natural compounds
  • Recombinant protein production in plants and plant cells
  • A variety of bioactivity assays and in vitro digestion models
  • Chemical and functional analysis
  • Biotransformation
  • Cryopreservation of plant cells

The VTT innovation programme Technologies for Health combines various VTT technologies in ICT, biotechnology and diagnostics for future health care (providers) and new technology platforms for the health care industry. This programme is part of the VTT's Health and Wellbeing segment.


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Technology Manager
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Key Account Manager
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