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Electrical machine concepts


We have long-term expertise in vibration and noise control solutions for electrical machines, their modelling and simulation, experimental research (dynamic measurements), and fatigue analysis. Our experience with systems technology, machine automation, and autonomous machines has enabled us to develop competitive solutions for our customers.

For example, we have carried out projects to

  • develop noise and vibration control solutions (passive, semi-active, active) for machines and vehicles
  • model and simulate electrical machine behaviour, including electro-mechanical interaction and various other dynamic phenomena
  • study material properties of laminated stator/rotor structures
  • mitigate vibro-acoustic emissions of electrical machines
  • combine theory with experiments and real-life machine applications

Our strength is in understanding physical phenomena, and in combining that understanding with our experience in full-scale industrial applications.


Environmental and economic drivers promote machine solutions that are clean, energy efficient, low emission, reliable, and cost efficient. The challenge for the future is to design lightweight and energy-efficient electrical machine concepts.

As consequences, the world is electrifying, while renewable and hybrid technologies are booming. Electrical machines and modern drive technologies are becoming prevalent in machines and vehicles. Electrical drives also become an integrated part of structures, as lightweight design solutions are developed to enable material savings and efficient logistics. Requirements for low emissions are tightening (exhaust gases, heat, vibration, noise). Demand for energy-efficient machines requires low losses and efficient cooling technologies. Condition monitoring methods are being developed to offer new service business models and better life-cycle control.


In order to meet the challenges of the future, we have developed – and continue to develop – the following kinds of solutions for our customers

  • electrical machine concepts with high power density and high specific torque
  • electrical machines integrated in their surrounding structures (in machines or vehicles)
  • intelligent solutions for machine control to enable low-energy consumption, care-free operation, and low vibro-acoustic emission
  • all-electric machines and vehicles


We are striving to provide low-cost, reliable and environmentally friendly equipment and vehicles. Novel electrical machines and drives are a mean to develop such equipment. We believe that this know-how, combined with our general knowledge of machine dynamics and industrial applications, is capable of providing a significant competitive edge to our customers.

References and merits

Demonstration of resonance free electrical machine based on active control of air-gap forces (2009). See also: Doctoral thesis of Tammi and Holopainen

Additional information

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Team Leader
+358 20 722 4482