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Energy-efficient buildings and comprehensive solutions

Healthy and pleasant indoor environment is the prime development consideration for our building structure and HVAC experts.

VTT offers energy-efficient and reliable solutions, whether building new or renovating or complementing existing built areas. We are developing safe concepts for zero energy houses utilising renewable energy.

The compact and unified solutions we are creating raise the energy efficiency of urban areas. VTT's Finnish High-Tech Ecocity™ concept has been designed for use as a development tool for entire cities. The concept allows for the development of unique, eco-efficient solutions for the needs of different types of cities.

Renewable energy at the heart of products and concepts

The products, systems and equipment we are developing for the construction and building services sector are cost-effective throughout their life cycle. We carry out simulation and measurement to ensure their energy efficiency.

The development of energy infrastructure based on renewable energy lies at the heart of our operations, and includes distributed energy generation and storage solutions at both district and building level. We also carry out energy technology assessments and scenario and impact analyses for building stock.

Additional information

Riikka Holopainen
Research Team Leader, Efficient buildings
+358 40 571 0364

Jari Shemeikka
Research Team Leader, Ecoefficient districts
+358 40 722 4505

Pekka Huovila
Key Account Manager
+358 40 546 0855