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Energy book series

Energy Visions 2050 

Latest, updated scenario calculations and conclusions of future developments in the energy sector. Global perspective.

Radical greenhouse gas emission reductions are needed in order to mitigate climate change. The energy sector is the main source of greenhouse gases, so revolutionary changes in the global energy system, which today is mainly based on fossil fuels, are essential. Global energy demand is forecast to continue growing in the coming decades, especially in the developing economies. This growing demand, accompanied by depleting and geographically concentrated fossil fuel resources, will highlight the importance of energy security in the future.

Energy Visions 2050 considers measures for addressing the enormous future challenges facing the energy sector, focusing on technological and techno-economic perspectives. The analysis of the development of technologies covers the whole energy chain, highlighting the necessity of efficient energy use in all activities of societies. The contents include a discussion on potential future low-emission and renewable energy conversion technologies, as well as new technology solutions in the industrial, building and transport sectors and in energy supply systems. The move towards zero-emission energy systems has consequences for energy supply, and makes the analysis of energy resources presented in the book all the more valuable.

Scenarios of alternative development paths to 2050 at the global, European and Finnish levels are presented, assuming different technological development options, economic growth rates, degrees of globalisation and information flows. The results show interesting differences between the scenarios with regard to energy production and use, mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, and global warming. Energy Visions 2050 is mainly intended for those who have a fairly good knowledge of the energy sector and energy technologies, e.g. energy policymakers, experts responsible for energy-related issues in industry, and investors in energy technologies. The topics are approached from a global perspective. In some technological details, however, Finnish technology and Finland's technological achievements are highlighted. The topics and viewpoints of the book will certainly be of interest to international readers as well.

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Energy Use - Visions and Technology Opportunities for Finland gices an update of the data included in the previous books Energia Suomessa and Energy Visions 2030.

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Energy Visions 2030 for Finland gives an overview of Finland's energy sector and envisions the future from the technological and techno-economic perspective. The challenges for the energy system are discussed in detail. The energy production technologies relevant to Finland and Finland's energy technology export, the developments in electric power transmission and distribution, and changes foreseen in industries, building sector and transport are reviewed. Finally three different scenarios and conclusion based on the scenario calculations are presented.

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Energia Suomessa - Energy in Finland (in Finnish only)

Energia Suomessa -kirja koottiin tarjoamaan ajantasaista tietoa Suomen energiatilanteesta. Laajennetussa 3. painoksessa on mukana myös ensimmäinen kattava kuvaus energiamarkkinoista. Kirjalla haluttiin mm. tukea poliittista keskustelua ja päätöksentekoa sekä herättää keskustelua energiantuotannon ja -käytön eri vaihtoehdoista yhä tiukentuvien päästötavoitteiden saavuttamiseksi.

Edition sold out. No pdf format available.