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Food and beverage research

We help our customers to develop healthy foods, beverages and ingredients appreciated by consumers.

Aspects of food safety, health effects of foods and beverages, consumer acceptance and the requirements of sustainable development are taken into account when developing novel concepts, technologies and products.

Long term research and development experience, and wide expertise in food and beverage sector, makes VTT an ideal partner to work with.

Tailored foods, value-added ingredients and enjoyable beverages

VTT designs foods with tailored structure, stability, sensory and health properties utilising versatile enzymes, microbes and fractionation technologies. We are specialised in the development of technologies for value-added ingredients from grains, berries and various agro-biomass side streams.

Our focus is on fibre, protein, and ingredients rich in bioactive compounds. VTT’s research expertise in beverage sector covers the entire barley-to-beer chain as well as non-alcoholic beverages. We offer technologies and know-how for natural ingredients, efficient processes and enjoyable beverages.

Established health effects and controlled product safety

Know-how in food and beverage sector is complemented with our nutrition expertise. Nutrition science offers knowledge on physiological responses to diet, as well as knowledge on eating behaviour. VTT has an analytical platform for evaluation the health effects of foods and ingredients. The analytical platform includes in vitro assays to predict and determine the physiological responses of food products.

We have solid understanding of the behaviour of microbes and food matrices, as well as factors affecting product safety. Our novel packaging, processing solutions and diagnostic, as well as analytical tools enable versatile solutions for securing and controlling food safety, and for the authentication of food products.

Combination of consumer and sensory science gives us a solid basis for understanding factors affecting consumer acceptance and food quality. Our qualitative and quantitative studies support different phases of food research and development.

VTT Food pilots offer experienced personnel and high quality equipment to carry out process and product development in pilot scale or to perform proof of concept trials with new product ideas.

Additional information

Mirja Mokkila
Key Account Manager
+358 20 722 4490

Kaisa Poutanen
Research Professor
+358 20 722 5192

Maria Saarela
Research Coordinator
+358 20 722 4466