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Sustainable building

Our research develops sustainability assessment methods, processes and concepts.

VTT assists owners, users, designers and manufacturers in setting quantified targets for their sustainable building. We assess and help to manage environmental and other sustainability aspects, such as carbon footprint, material and energy efficiency, life cycle costs and thermal comfort.

Sustainability indicators with LCA and LCC

Sustainable buildings are defined with the aid of indicators covering the building’s environmental, economical and social aspects. Developing the quality and validity of indicators was one of the main targets of the European research project SuPerBuildings (Sustainability and performance assessment and benchmarking of buildings), which was coordinated by VTT.

Our experts assess the life cycle impacts of buildings with the help of LCA and LCC tools. We provide methods and tools for new building and building renovations, as well as on the portfolio level. ILMARI, for example, helps designers assess and decrease the carbon footprint of a building design.

Sustainable building processes and refurbishment concepts

Sustainable building research develops better processes for supplying sustainable built environment. Our collaborative methods mean we work with building practitioners to develop processes and working models.

We have developed steering recommendations together with practitioners and authorities, such as the cities of Vantaa and Tampere under the current OKRA project which studies the potential of municipal steering.

Our development also extends to concepts for sustainable building products and buildings. We and our other partners in the European SUSREF project have helped the Vahanen Group and other SMEs develop sustainable refurbishment concepts for exterior walls.

Scenarios for sustainable built environment help decision-makers understand the impacts of choices. The MECOREN tool aids comparison of the sustainability impacts of different choices at portfolio level.

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Additional information

Tarja Häkkinen
Senior Principal Scientist, Doctor.Sc. (Tech.)
+358 40 727 4561

Tarja Mäkeläinen
Senior Scientist, Architect
+358 40 059 1869