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Integrated risk and safety management


VTT develops methods to support the safety and security of society and its people, and the lifetime safety and reliability of the machinery, production and infrastructure systems. Safety, security, reliability and socio-technical risks are analysed in an integrated manner to support decision-making in the different phases of the product or system life cycle. VTT has long experience in developing risk, reliability and safety analysis methods and applying the methods to the customer’s risk and safety management processes.


Safety and security is an integral part of people’s and companies’ well-being and business profitability. More complicated systems and new threats such as those caused by extreme weather events or malicious actions may increase the vulnerability of the entire society. New operational models, such as networking and services and advanced technologies cause new risks and need to life cycle management. For a supplier of systems, machinery, devices and industrial services, the development of safety and reliability is an important competitive edge.

Solutions and Benefits

VTT works together with globally-acting machinery manufacturers and Finnish process industry in the field of risk and reliability development. We create value by reducing risks imposed on people, the environment and assets. Examples of our high-quality risk management information, expertise and tools include:

  • System safety and dependability management (RAMS-process)
  • Management of reliability and safety data
  • Safety and security management
  • Process and chemical safety
  • Management of industrial and logistics risks
  • Extreme events and vulnerability assessment
  • Information security

References and merits

VTT´s knowledge has been applied to ensure the reliability of the remote handling equipment of the ITER fusion reactor test facility – the ROViR facility

Additional information

Veikko Rouhiainen
Research Professor
+358 20 722 3262

Liisa Poussa
Research team leader
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