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Laser processing of components and products


VTT has wide competence in the field of laser processing with focus on laser micro machining, laser welding and novel laser applications. We use technologies like engraving, drilling and cutting to produce items with micro features. Micro machining also includes laser marking, structuring functional surfaces and applications for printed intelligence. We develop welding processes for metals and plastics and have knowledge in designing of production and manufacturing. We have competence in laser applications in converting process lines for pulp and paper industry (cutting, creasing, marking and closing) and roll-to-roll production processes for printed intelligence. We have experience also in laser applications for the food industry, machining various biotechnical and pharmaceutical materials, implants and instruments.


VTT works in a close co-operation with Lappeenranta University of Technology within their common Lappeenranta Laser Processing Centre – LPC. The research centre has 15 laser systems for micro and macro processing.


Industries tend to achieve even faster and flexible production and at the same time lower costs. Requirements for products are becoming more critical and more accurate manufacturing is needed. The great challenge is how to respond to the requirements in industry for both in micro and macro manufacturing.

In many cases, lasers are the answer for materials and components difficult to process with other methods. By using lasers the heat transfer can be controlled so that heat-affected zone is minimized.


  • Laser processing of virtually any material with ultrashort laser pulses
  • Small features (up to nano scale) and accurate micromachining
  • Laser engraving and surface re-melting for improved surface properties and functionalities
  • Advanced marking processes, decorative colour marking, marking for security and traceability
  • Laser polymer welding solutions for both flexible production and mass production
  • High welding speeds and productivity with laser and laser hybrid welding
  • Laser welding of thick sections
  • Laser cladding and transformation hardening of metals
  • Laser cutting of large range of materials
  • Laser additive manufacturing


  • The process takes place without contact or tension
  • The heat-affected area is small, no material deforming
  • Always automated and accurate easy to control -process

References and merits

  • A part of Lappeenranta Laser Processing Centre. LPC, a joint research institute of VTT and LUT, is one of the leading laser processing centres for industrial applications
  • Sought after partner in EU projects

Additional information

Petri Laakso
Senior Research Scientist, Team Leader
+358 20 722 2894

Veli Kujanpää
Research Professor
+358 20 722 2886