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Managing life cycle costs, profits and risks

Accurate estimates of the probable consequences of investment decisions help our partners to seize opportunities and ensure continuity in a turbulent business environment.

VTT is a forerunner in utilising new technology. Combining this with our top economic expertise and individual design allows us to meet strategic operational targets while applying the most compatible and groundbreaking methods for your benefit.

In Valio’s case, we identified production line risks in cheese manufacture by assessing the equipment and data from the computerised maintenance management system. Valio has now eliminated risks in manufacture and is currently producing an additional five million kilos a year. 

Asset management targets optimum value

Our special expertise includes asset management and investment planning, value-driven maintenance and business continuity, and risk management strategies. We assess risks in outsourcing, acquisitions and changes, while technology due diligence – a detailed evaluation of the technical side of your company – counts as another of our strengths.

We develop techno-economic risk assessment tools for business continuity and seamless operation, and for profitable life cycles of systems, products and services. Our methods support the proactive utilisation of opportunities.

In these uncertain economic times, our management of opportunities, assets and risks offers our partners a genuine head start. Our current customers operate globally in a variety of sectors, including machinery manufacturing, industrial services, process industry and critical infrastructure.

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Teuvo Uusitalo
Senior Scientist
+358 20 722 3236

Pasi Valkokari
Senior Scientist
+358 20 722 3236