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Digital media systems

Our technological solutions give our customers the freedom to choose their next, and future suppliers.

VTT uses its modelling know-how and process and technology surveys to develop standard-based solutions for digital media production. This enables versatile, flexible and continuous development of easily transferable systems.

As an example, we determined the transfer of metadata for the HelMet e-library in the ebook value chain, and designed the functionalities of the digital library. Our work for the HelMet e-library resulted in an internationally competitive solution that can be applied to other digital libraries.

We also licensed a method for the HelMet e-library's adaptive recommendation system. This system recommends new books to library users on the basis of the library customers' borrowing history.

Processes are based on ePub, Onix3 and Xml metadata standards

VTT specialists draw on 15 years of experience in digital publication production processes and digital media production planning for various types of terminal devices, including smart phones and tablets.

Our strength lies in html5-based network technologies that allow us to create products for ordinary web browsers, such as adaptive, rich media user interfaces. This means that services can adapt to the user's terminal device characteristics, context, place and profile, among others.

We have examined the description, presentation and archiving of news material. Our aim was to define how an online service could provide user-specific news items through the right terminal device, and with perfect timing. Our solutions are used in various services created by enterprises.

Processing big data into media services of the future

Thanks to VTT's versatile research infrastructure, we are able to process big data into an easily understandable format, as well as turn processed data into completely new types of media services.

We are in active cooperation with businesses and research organisations through various projects and programmes, such as the Next Media programme with the University of Tampere and Aalto University. VTT played an important role in this programme, both in recognizing the user needs and in prototype development.

Our typical customers include large media companies seeking to grow their revenues from digital content and services. However, we can also utilise the user data of online services to develop new types of solutions. This could be beneficial to online service producers in the fields of health and well-being.

Additional information

Olli Nurmi
Principal Scientist
+358 50 550 0280

Olli Kuusisto
Senior Scientist
+358 40 737 0948