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Media production and business models


The ultimate media viewing experience is the illusion of a real environment. This viewing experience should include the freedom for the viewer to move and change the viewing direction while interacting with the 3D image and virtual environment, together with a perception of the vivid colors and sharpness that we experience in real life. We use in our research and development different image and video processing methods and psychometric test tools to optimise the visual quality creating immersive media experience. We have extensive experience in colour management, image quality and visual perception. 

The supply chains of the media products have to be flexible and effective to allow rapid changes, targeting and use of several distribution channels. We have competence on JDF(XML-based Job Definition Format vocabulary for printing industry) system integration in the graphic arts production and distribution processes. In the digital revolution of mass media traditional large media units (newspapers, magazines, television channels) we develop a broad range of different digital services around them. We develop business models for the media industry and its new applications like printed functionality and hybrid media and define their impact on the value chains. Our competence includes innovative solutions and technologies enabling more effective advertising.


The ever increasing number and diversity of various media increases the need for more efficient image and media processes. Multi-channel services also pose a further challenge to the control of the production and distribution processes and visual quality control. Methods and systems are needed for smooth reproduction of images, in the desired format in different media and viewing conditions, with a level of quality appropriate for each user and purpose.

An extended range of product and service models, as well as the outsourcing of parts of the supply chain, increase the importance of the logistics chain and the management of information and material flows. We engage in the research and development of electronic data communications for media products and their management data.


  • Research Environment for Visual and Immersive Communication consists of facilities, devices, methods and software for analyzing both technical and perceptual image attributes. These facilities support reliable measurement of both visual perception and physical media system variables allowing systematic development of imaging systems and components.
  • Visual experience optimisation in media using eye tracking, image processing, digital colour management, image quality measurement, psychometring testing and data analysis
  • Characterisation of stereo content capture, transmission and rendering systems
  • Development of logistics models and enhancing system integration based on JDF in media processes to allow efficient and automated data and material flow
  • Sensor development, closed loop control and data mining for printing processes
  • Development of new products and service concepts for printed media and hybrid media
  • Determination and benchmarking of production efficiency
  • Acceptance testing of printing presses and mailroom
  • GT Service for the media industry.


  • More immersive media experience with higher visual comfort
  • Efficient and flexible publishing production supply chain management
  • Targeted media and relevant advertising
  • Innovative media products and business models

References and merits

  • Several development projects with graphic arts and related industries to increase visual quality
  • Development of the logistics chain of newspapers, particularly with regard to early-morning delivery
  • Multi-stage process for data communications between different parties including book, magazine and digital printing processes (
  • The world’s first closed-loop colour control system for newspaper printing

Additional information

Olli Nurmi
Team Leader
+358 20 722 6578

Olli Kuusisto
Senior Research Scientist
+358 20 722 4760