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MEMS - Microelectromechanical systems


VTT is well known worldwide for innovative and state-of-the-art MEMS devices. We design, model, simulate, fabricate ( and characterize silicon-based components and readout electronics, focussing on surface and SOI MEMS technologies. We can serve our customers all the way from feasibility studies, through prototype fabrication into small-scale production and technology transfer, while scaling up to mass production. 

VTTMEMSFAB is a company founded in 2010 for contract manufacturing of MEMS devices.


We have been able to cope with the changing operational environment in micro- and nanoelectronics. The challenges are globalization, the constant price erosion of electronics and the increasing cost of manufacturing equipment.


We offer an affordable solution to companies not willing to keep up with the increasing investment needed in developing and fabricating advanced MEMS devices. Our experience in the design and fabrication of MEMS includes the following examples: silicon resonators, magnetometers, various types of pressure sensor, monolithical integration of MEMS and CMOS, capacitive microphones, ultrasound transmitters and receivers, voltage references, acoustic emission sensors, accelerometers, electrostatically tuneable mirrors, NDIR gas sensors based on tuneable Fabry-Perot filters, thermopiles, and thermal emitters.


With MEMS technologies it is possible to realise new miniaturized instruments which surpass the existing solutions in performance, while enabling small size, low power consumption, and low unit cost. As devices get smaller and more versatile, the realisation of new, previously unseen, markets and applications is possible.

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Together with Vaisala we have developed the key MEMS devices used in Vaisala's CARBOCAP®  Carbon dioxide instruments product line.

VTT has gained a solid position as a forerunner in silicon resonator research.

Additional information

Jyrki Kiihamäki
Research Manager
+358 20 722 6306

Anu Kärkkäinen
Research Team Leader
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