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Mobile system development


Our core competence is in programming methods, tools and SDKs (Software Development Kits) that raise the abstraction level of software development and enable more effective and more efficient application development and evolution. We have experience in the design of application frameworks and development tools and methods for mobile platforms, applications and services. Regarding mobile applications and services, our know-how covers quality assurance, content/data quality control, privacy management and testing.

We also possess knowledge of how various mobile technologies can impact on productiveness, and how service processes can be improved. Our competence includes service concept development and the evaluation of technical feasibility, business potential and customer value.


Mobile application developers have a large variety of platforms and application execution environments to choose from. In addition, diversified mobile platforms nowadays support a large set of advanced features that, besides providing great opportunities for mobile applications, create challenges for application development. Full utilisation of all the available features within all environments requires seamless programmatic integration, well-designed interfaces and support by intuitive development tools.

Within the mobile business ecosystem, the evolution of mobile application concepts has begun from on-device applications to Web-based and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. Users want easy access to their data and applications from wherever they are, and from whatever electronic equipment they happen to be using. It becomes more difficult to manage and optimize the service business as it grows more complex, as customer requirements change or new requirements appear.


We provide solutions for mobile application and service development:

  • rapid development tools for both actual development and prototyping
  • application frameworks and platforms
  • compatibility, quality, and performance analysis tools for software and services
  • APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), service interfaces, and resource accessibility interfaces
  • software development automation
  • application design and development based on semantic technologies
  • device configuration fragmentation management
  • IDE (Integrated Development Environment) integration of development tools
  • tools and methods supporting ‘Service concept’ development
  • solutions for business-oriented system and service engineering.


From the technical point of view, our solutions are designed to make application development easier and more intuitive, faster and more productive, less error-prone, and non-wasteful. The resulting software is sound by design, and easier to maintain and expand. From the business point of view, our solutions enable the Mobile SaaS business model, which has an enormous potential for lowering the cost of adoption of an application, increasing the degree of market penetration, as well as further reducing application development costs.


Our researchers have been working for years in challenging customer projects where they have developed mobile application architectures, development methods and tools, APIs, performance analysis tools and testing tools. They have also been leading demanding projects in the area of industrial service development and mobile field work, and have been developing reference models for mobile service applications.

Additional information

Artem Katasonov
Research Scientist, Team Leader
+358 20 722 3056