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Module level packaging technology

Polymer-integration by assembled foil overmoulding


The VTT Micromodule Centre has expertise and facilities in electronics and optics design and manufacturing. Our competence covers advanced packaging, integration, interconnection and sealing techniques based on ceramic (especially LTCC) and polymer multilayer circuits, modules and smart system structural integration for photonic, sensor and communication applications.


Future Smart System packaging and integration key drivers are: a) technology convergence driven by applications, b) sensing and wireless connection: anywhere and anytime, c) electronics miniaturization by heterogeneous integration, d) the need for new cost-efficient manufacturing methods and material combinations.


VTT offers packaging and integration solutions with development, modelling, design and fabrication capabilities for multi-disciplinary (optics, mechanics, electronics, MEMS, fluidics and RF/millimetre wave) functional modules and systems for photonics, wireless communication and sensor applications.

  • Low temperature co-fired multi-layer ceramic (LTCC)-based high-performance, miniaturised harsh environment System-on-Package solutions
  • Polymer-based integration with multi-layer foil printing, lamination, assembly and over-moulding for optical user interfaces, displays, illumination and sensors.
  • Lithographic processing for micro- & nanostructures and photonics devices (e.g. nano-imprint and near-field holographic lithography)
  • Precision flip chip & die bonding for thin and flexible printed/hybrid systems
  • Hermetically sealed nanopositioned fibre optics devices
  • Reliability assurance by thermal and thermomechanical simulation, environmental testing and device characterisation.


The ceramic 3D LTCC high-performance system-on-package offers excellent thermal management, a small footprint, multi-disciplinary integration, high reliability and high-accuracy fibre alignment.

Polymer-based 3D structural integration offers

  • low-cost, high-throughput manufacturing capability, simpler value chain
  • 3D design freedom and the convergence of embedded functionalities with enhanced performance in systems
  • Flexible, light, thin, large-area and conformal structures

References and merits

Fiber-optic transceiver for 1 ... 3 Gbps intra-satellite optical data communications

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