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VTT’s approach to biomimetic material solutions is interdisciplinary and cross-organizational. Experts from various disciplines and application areas work closely together and develop in-house technologies that follow biological concepts and mimic the design of natural materials. In this way, application expertise and state-of-the art process technologies, e.g., from coatings, construction materials, packaging and biotechnology are combined with novel leads towards biomimetic material solutions and biomimetic technologies. These include material specialists and scientific expertise from physics, chemistry and biology as well as modelling and engineering.


Natural materials are characterized by their multi-functionality, compatibility with their environment and extraordinary performance, which allows highly efficient material use. Biomimetic material concepts and technologies therefore address some of the major challenges of applied materials among the environmentally friendly, high-performance materials, materials for health and well-being, and technologies for reduced materials and energy use.


VTT’s solutions for biomimetic materials aim to mimic natural material design and functionality for industrial applications. They enable improved performance, material safety and eco-efficiency, reduced materials and energy consumption, and biocompatible material solutions. VTT’s research in biomimetic materials covers:

  • High-performance and light-weight biomimetic materials for the built environment, transportation and packaging
  • Bio-inspired and biocompatible materials for tissue engineering and implants
  • Novel biomimetic, water-based lubrication systems for mining, hydraulics, drilling, food, paper and other process technologies
  • Biomimetic hybrid materials for nanoelectronics, catalysis, and functional nanoparticles
  • Self-healing materials
  • Biomimetic technologies for waste and water treatment
  • Tailormade biomimetic concepts for specific customer needs and requests