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Cementitious materials


VTT has expertise in cementitious materials and concrete, from material development through long-term field performance. VTT’s research group is composed of experts from the fields of building technology, chemistry, powder technology, material science, structural engineering, microscopy and geology.

VTT works on improving material manufacturing through the use of new nano- and micro-particles with respect to enhancing rheological properties, chemical reactions and long-term performance. VTT also investigates the use and reuse of materials, including alternative aggregate sources and binders like fly ash, slags and geopolymers. VTT has experts in cold weather construction techniques and design of materials for long service life in harsh environments, including performance and repair assessments. VTT addresses durability performance regarding resistance to frost and frost-salt attack, chloride ingress, carbonation, corrosion, drying and autogenous shrinkage, creep and cracking. VTT has over 250 m2 of laboratory research space, from large-scale structural testing to nanoparticle microscopy. VTT’s experts have a strong domestic and international network, including participation in many Nordic, EU and worldwide research partnerships.


VTT’s experts strive to ensure the safety, durability and environmental friendliness of the built environment through applying advanced material technologies. VTT’s aim is to raise the competitiveness of material technology and to support the product development of companies in the built environment.


VTT is able to provide solutions based on its inter-disciplinary approach to addressing research and development needs. VTT works closely with international experts in the fields of chemistry, surface physics and coatings, material and structural modelling, indoor environment quality, structural performance, environmental sustainability and standardized testing. VTT’s clients include, for example, material developers, material suppliers, architects, structural owners and municipalities.

Additional information

Erika Holt
Principal Scientist, Team Leader
+358 20 722 4567

Markku Leivo
Principal Scientist
+358 20 722 6933