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Functional polymers


VTT has special expertise in thermoplastic nanocomposites, polymer technology and polymer processing as well as strong co-operation in some application fields. VTT’s skilled staff carry out top-level scientific research and demanding customer assignments. Experts with a background in synthetic chemistry, polymer science and technology, mechanical engineering and physics are committed to working in the team. International co-operation with customers and research partners at EU level and worldwide is a key priority.


Enterprises face the daily competition on the market not only on price and technology but also on environmentally benign solutions. At the same time, legislative acts such as REACH, RoHS and WEEE limit the use of some traditional high-performance polymer materials that increase the demand for new advanced material solutions. The manufacturers need the improved materials in a very short time among the huge number of commercial plastic grades available.


VTT’s multidisciplinary staff and agile organization are built to grasp the oncoming challenges of the companies’ product development steps. Its experts have experience of forming large networks, including innovative new value chains. That is how its customers find unforeseen business opportunities. VTT’s internal supporting functions like access to worldwide information databases and technology scouting expertise are at hand.

Additional information

Outi Härkki
Senior Scientist
+358 20 722 5417