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Multifunctional surfaces


VTT´s surface team has extensive expertise in surface treatment, thin coating, functionalization and characterization of surface materials. It also works on innovating new surface coating properties, which give added value for customers’ products as well as incorporates coating facilities into customers’ production lines and/or end-use positions.

The team is highly networked with national and international customers and research partners in the application field. Skilled staff carry out top level scientific research and demanding customer assignments, from molecular scale-coating development to processing, safety and marketing issues.


Surface properties often determine the first contact to the materials. Their functional properties combined with appearance, durability and feel of surfaces are the key factors in defining the value of products. By enhanced surface properties it is possible to gain added value and stand out from competitors.

The use of some traditional and newly developed functional surfaces is challenged by legislative acts such as REACH, RoHS, Bioside and VOC directives, and also the issues concerning the exploitation of the nanotechnology. The changes in legislation can be seen as one driving force that increases the demand for constant development of surface and processing solutions.


The agile organization and multidisciplinary staff of VTT are trained to grasp the challenges and opportunities of the companies’ innovation and product development chain. VTT carries out strictly defined confidential customer assignments as well as large network projects, which both include innovative new value chains. This is how its customers find new business opportunities tailored to their specific needs. VTT’s internal supporting functions such as access to worldwide information databases and technology scouting expertise are at hand.

Additional information

Tarja Laitinen
Principal Scientist
+358 20 722 6482