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Structural dynamics, vibration, shock and noise control

Our in-depth research into noise and vibration challenges provides reliable results and real solutions.

We have years of successful experience in solving vibration and noise challenges in machines, vehicles and marine applications. Our expertise is based on detecting the relevant physical phenomena and using the information to generate preventive or mitigating solutions.

Validated vibration and noise calculations

The generation and propagation of vibration and sound in structures can be investigated using dedicated software and methods. We have created post-processing tools to illustrate the results and to make the relevant analysis and correct conclusions regarding structural behaviour.

Calculations or virtual prototyping allow us to predict performance, so that the product concept can be evaluated before actual physical prototypes are built. A combination of experimental work and modelling is vital to obtaining reliable results.

For a full model to predict the behaviour of structures it will need a sufficient amount of input information, including various excitations, material properties, dimensions and contact data. The information can be either calculated or measured, and utilised in the models of components, sub-structures or full assemblies.

Solutions for vibration, shock and noise control in various applications

We work with a wide variety of applications requiring structural or acoustical analysis. Research focus may range from fatigue analysis of welding joints to shock responses on ships or sound evaluations in a cabin.

To evaluate product performance in terms of structural behaviour and acoustics it is vital that requirements are defined properly. We have knowledge of legislative and normative issues and standards, and can use this information in our assignments.

We can evaluate the sound quality of products by specific metrics, and even use listening tests to discover the human response to different types of sound.

Additional information

Johannes Hyrynen
Head of Research Area, Efficient machines and vehicles
+358 20 722 3787

Juha Virtanen
Research Team Leader, Structural dynamics and vibroacoustics
+358 20 722 6567

Aimo Taipale
Research Team Leader, Clean air and acoustic solutions
+358 20 722 3254