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Optical measurements and device technologies


VTT is actively studying and developing optical methods and applications based on infrared and Raman spectroscopy as well as machine vision. Our expertise covers all widely known optical measurement and device technologies, such as FTIR, LEDs, dispersive systems, and Fabry-perot interferometers. We have well-equipped laboratories for fast pre-studies, but most of our instruments can be utilised, with small modifications, for use in the field as well.

In addition, we have a long tradition of camera technology and machine vision-related research at VTT. It involves both machine vision components and systems for various industrial applications in industries such as pulp and paper, steel and pharmaceuticals. Special areas of expertise include vision system design, a deep knowledge of matrix and line scan cameras, the design of illumination subsystems, rapid algorithm prototyping using Matlab, C/C++ programming for the industrial vision systems, and user interface design.

We have used advanced laser triangulation and moiré methods to develop accurate online 3D surface profile, dimension and form measurement systems. We also have extensive experience in surface inspection systems and algorithms. Our in-depth domain expertise makes us an excellent partner for the whole development cycle.


Primary challenges of optical process measurements include

  • Measurement speed (e.g., moving web applications in the paper and steel industries)
  • Contamination of optical interfaces in hostile industrial processes
  • Management of mechanical vibrations and temperature stability


  • Development of advanced optical analysers based on spectroscopy and camera-based systems
  • Dedicated measurement systems for industrial applications
  • Process measurements and control
  • Calibrations and chemometrics
  • Our development workflow
  • Pre-studies
  • Conceptual studies
  • Design and simulation of integrated multi-technological systems
  • Implementation of dedicated measurement solutions


  • Innovative solutions
  • Operational efficiency (Sophisticated tools/software and well-equipped laboratories)
  • Short time-to-market (Fast and efficient R&D projects)
  • Professional project management (Quality system ISO9001; GAMP4 protocols)
  • Comprehensive development of optical instruments for demanding applications (Turn-key instrumentation)

References and merits

  • Several quality measurement products developed for the paper industry, from pulp production to printing press applications
  • PAT applications for pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Surface inspection and 3-D measurement systems for the steel industry

Additional information

Jouko Malinen
Head of Research Area
+358 20 722 2247

Additional information

Jouko Malinen
Head of Research Area
+358 20 722 2247