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Optical sensor and module technologies


VTT has a very strong tradition in optical sensor and module technology. There are research groups in Oulu, Espoo and Kuopio with related experience. In addition to optical competencies, the teams have strong domain expertise from various industries. Optical sensors and module technologies are a large and increasing part of our R&D offering. The majority of the devices developed by us will be installed in process monitoring instruments and diagnostic test readers. We have participated in large European and American joint projects in the areas of space technology and remote sensing, for instance. The process measurement technologies focus particularly on the development of spectroscopic measurement principles, modelling, and better calibration techniques and methods. VTT has an extremely strong background in industrial measurements applying optical sensors and modules, such as surface inspection in the pulp and paper industry, quality inspection in the steel industry, pharmaceutical quality control, measurements in bulk manufacturing, and micro- and biotechnology.


Dynamic economic growth and the future viability of companies in global competition will boost the deployment and implementation of optical sensor and module technology in many branches of business. The overall performance level and functionality of today's optical sensor and module technology cannot meet these requirements, and new solutions must thus be developed.


  • Development of cost effective UV-, Visible and IR LED Spectrometer modules
  • Development of SiMEMS and Piezo-actuated Fabry-Perot tuneable filter spectrometer modules
  • Optical Readout Methods and Modules for Point-Of-Care Diagnostic Tests
  • Low cost Hyper spectral imager modules based on patented Fabry-Perot Technology
  • CCD detector modules for space and airborne instruments


  • New measurement opportunities due to low cost of spectrometer modules in numerous applications in the pulp and paper, steel, and pharmaceutical industries
  • New cost-efficient solutions for diagnostic test readers
  • Hyper Spectral imaging solutions for new application areas opened due to low cost of new sensor technology
  • Solutions for optical sensor for demanding environments (process control, space, UAVs

References and merits

  • Several commercial follow-up products, including optical sensors and modules
  • Optical instrument solutions for companies (e.g. Metso, Honeywell, GSK )
  • Numerous patents, patent applications and scientific publications
  • Central role in many EU, ESA and NASA projects (ENVISAT, EOS AURA Ozone Monitoring Instrument, Cassini)
  • Strong involvement in European activities.

Additional information

Jouko Malinen
Head of Research Area
+358 20 722 2247

Additional information

Jouko Malinen
Head of Research Area
+358 20 722 2247

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