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Polymer and chemical products


In the field of polymer and chemical products, VTT focuses on application-oriented research of polymers and chemicals, including formulation development. Our research focus is in bio-based materials i.e. polymers derived from renewables that are functionalised by chemical or mechano-chemical techniques applying a green chemistry approach. We apply organic and polymer synthesis technologies for development of new polymer and chemical products, and we have excellent facilities for up-scaling and piloting of product innovations.                                      


Environmental protection and sustainable development have created needs for new bio-based polymers and chemicals. Economical and functional challenges still remain to be worked out. Efficient processing of the heterogeneous raw materials, maximal utilisation of the existing structures of the components, and the mechanical and functional properties – e.g., barrier properties of biopolymers – need to be addressed to make bio-based polymers and chemicals attractive and economical options for conventional products.


VTT provides expert services for the chemical and related industries. Our services cover a wide range of organic and polymer chemistry as well as characterisation of structure–property relations for fine-tuning materials. We carry out product development from laboratory and bench-scale to pilot-scale.

Recent examples of our applications include environmentally friendly binders, coatings and adhesives, modifications and applications of natural polymers, synthesis according to green chemistry principles, fine and speciality chemicals from renewables and functional polymers, macromolecules and additives.


The tangible customer benefit is received via development of new value-added products and optimising our clients’ procedures and processes. We have skilled and motivated staff, versatile facilities and equipment, and we can utilise effectively our world-wide research networks to provide the best solutions for our customers.

Additional information

Tuulamari Helaja
Head of Research Area, Process chemistry and environmental engineering
+358 20 722 4817