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Production and manufacturing process simulation and development


A competitive production is a result of numerous factors requiring seamless synchronisation. VTT offers an extremely diversified and analytic approach to production and manufacturing development starting from networked manufacturing systems and plant design to the details of automated production. VTT has extensive knowledge in applying latest ICT solutions in production as well as in production development. VTT's expertise covers system modelling and simulation, automation concept development as well as product feasibility and manufacturing method analysis and development. VTT is also an independent and reliable partner when implementing the development results into the practise. 


The competition of low-cost countries can only be met by making demanding customised products. This is possible only by developing modern production processes for “Integrative Production Technology”, e.g., Individualised Production, Virtual-, Hybrid- and Self-optimising Production Systems and Processes. The processes must react quickly to unplanned events and challenges, ensure economical and technical feasibility of individualised production, interrelations between product variants and production system structures capabilities and one-piece-flow concepts at mass production costs.  The big challenge in Finnish industry is to introduce these modern production process development tools and technologies.


Production process simulation and development;

  • Production modelling, simulation and visualization
  • Production analysis, prediction, testing and optimisation
  • Real-time global production optimisation
  • Proactive production and layout planning
  • Order and Delivery Process development
  • Productivity, Delivery Reliability and Process Management development
  • Production automatisation and robotising
  • Assembly technology
  • Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA)
  • ICT in production
  • Eco-efficient production

Manufacturing process simulation and development;

  • Metal forming simulation
  • Crash and impact simulation
  • Welding and welding assembly simulation
  • Rolling process monitoring
  • Heat treatment simulation
  • Optimisation


  • A strategic competitive edge through the use of advanced production process development tools and technologies that are difficult to copy
  • High-end customised production processes - Individualised Production
  • Energy- and Eco-efficient and knowledge-based production processes
  • One-piece-flow concepts at mass production costs
  • Using simulations, the number of experimental tests and prototypes can be reduced
  • Simulations support process and investment planning

Additional information

Paavo Voho
Team Leader
+358 20 722 5391

Jari Larkiola
Customer Manager
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