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Product process development


Taking advantage of its multi-disciplinary knowledge and latest technologies, VTT can provide services covering all phases of a product’s life cycle. Through active international research co-operation, we keep up with latest technological development and produce new innovative solutions for industry.

Thorough knowledge of products and production processes, the efficient use of advanced ITC together with an intimate understanding of the connection between technology, humans and the environment forms a solid basis for competitive and sustainable solutions.

Our core competencies are:

  • Product data and life cycle management (PDM, PLM)
  • Human - machine interaction in product and production system design
  • Virtual reality (VR) environments and virtual prototyping in product and production system design
  • Workspace design
  • Service and maintenance planning using remote operation and VR interfaces
  • Life cycle assessment (LCA)
  • Ecological footprint calculation
  • Design for environment (DFE)


Increasing competition and global industrial markets make it imperative for industry to continuously improve their processes to remain competitive. Improving flexibility, adaptability and time to market, while keeping costs under control in a globally distributed product process, is a massive challenge. Being first to market has advantages only if the product meets market requirements for quality, functionality and ecology. 

  • Increased global competition
  • Increased complexity of products
  • Globally distributed production and market
  • Tightening regulations for safety and environmental impacts


  • Efficient use of new computer-based technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)
  • Extensive use of simulation-based design in all phases of the product process
  • Adopting and promoting standards such as STEP, PLCS, etc.
  • Safety and ergonomics assessment in virtual environments
  • Life cycle assessment, recyclability, recyclability descriptions for end of life treatment, environmental product declaration (EPD)


Cost efficiency

  • First time ready
  • Fewer physical prototypes
  • Shortened time to market
  • Total life cycle costs covered

User friendly solutions

  • Safer, user friendly products
  • Safer, more ergonomic and comfortable environments
  • Users throughout the life cycle included

Environmentally efficient products

  • Decreased environmental impacts
  • Less use of energy
  • Less use of natural resources
  • Recycling description to improve reuse and recycling of products

Smooth product process

  • Better understanding of the complete process
  • Flexibility and fast adaptation to new challenges
  • Improved process management
  • Early elimination of errors

References and merits

Numerous contacts and active cooperation with companies in Finland and abroad

Active participation and coordination of EU financed projects

Founding member of ROViR-Centre (Remote Operation and Virtual Reality) currently hosting the DTP2 (Divertor Test Platform), which is a part of the ITER fusion programme.

Additional information

Riikka Virkkunen
Technology Manager
+358 20 722 5855