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Software architectures, methods and tools


Our core competencies are component and service based software architectures of complex networked systems and methods and tools used in their development. These networked systems are modern embedded systems focusing on pervasive and ubiquitous computing environments. Especially, we have expertise in cross-domain and domain-specific reference architectures that require dynamic service based adaptation and modular development and evolution management. The use of architectural knowledge is supported by our methodology, which combines ontology orientation with model and quality driven engineering, and a tool chain.

QADA® with supporting tools


The main challenge is to achieve a balance between generic software technologies and domain-specific technologies when selecting models, modelling languages, methodologies and tools for software architecture design. Architectural knowledge is shared by means of reference models and standard modelling languages. Optimal solutions require domain-specific architectures, modelling languages and testing techniques.



  • Reduced cost and faster time to market by efficient use of existing architectural knowledge
  • Reuse at the different abstraction levels, on the model and code level, reduces costs and keeps quality at the standard level
  • Due to model driven quality evaluation, architectures, components and services are of high quality
  • Optimal sets of software technologies by adapting generic software technologies with domain-specific ones
  • Experimentally validated methodology for design component and service based architectures
  • Customized development environment with Eclipse plug-in components

References and merits

International collaboration within ITEA, ARTEMIS, EU-ICT

  • ARTEMIS exhibition award 2010 -- SOFIA
  • ARTEMIS exhibition award 2009 -- SOFIA
  • ITEA Symposium 2007 Silver Exhibition Award &
  • ITEA Appreciation Award 2008 for contributions to concretise the “Web of Objects” and Showing its pertinence in developing new and innovative applications in the Home domain - ANSO
  • ITEA 2008 Bronze Exhibition Award - CAM4HOME
  • ITEA 2005 Achievement Award - TT-MEDAL

Additional information

Eila Ovaska
Research Professor
+358 20 722 2228