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Software production and technologies


Research focuses on software engineering processes, methods and tools. Our competence covers
- Agile development methods
- Software intensive systems engineering processes, methods, tools and lifecycle management.
- Efficient solutions for globally distributed software development
- Software engineering process improvement and measurement
- Quality management support

Software technologies change and improve constantly. Our competence includes ability to
- Evaluate usefulness of new technologies in products or services by building proof-of-concepts
- Offering mobile and embedded solutions to non-ICT sectors by transforming existing solutions to ICT supported ones
- Provide product development using latest development methods


Software development is still largely manual work and thus time consuming - solutions to ensure timeliness, quality and cost-effectiveness of produced software intensive systems are needed.

The software size and complexity is further growing, the developed systems connect to each other in varying ways, and the requirements change rapidly. Also, due to the above, the software intensive systems of today are built globally distributed by networks of companies. As the system failures may be critical to business, this complexity needs to be managed, and for that supporting software development technologies are needed.

Transformation from software intensive systems to adaptive user services is also on-going. Software based services require systematic business analysis and successful technological choices to ensure success.


We can offer 15 years of software engineering experience to help selecting best modern practices for efficient software production. Our long time industrial co-operation ensures selection of best solutions from hundreds of industrially proven case experiences. Our solutions cover agile practices, internal and networked development efficiency and support for all phases of software development.

Technology proof-of-concepts support decision to select best alternatives for further product and service development.


  • Optimized software-intensive systems development
  • Selection of best development practices in a given environment from validated industrial cases
  • Increased timeliness, quality, and reduced development costs
  • Software technology technical and business evaluation to ensure best technological choices

References and merits

  • Implementation of agile methods in software development
    3xFaster, 50xBetter and 5xCheaper: The Concrete Business Impact of Agile Development" - F-Secure, Jari Still, Director.
    Nokia Foundation has granted its 2007 award to a VTT professor for his merits in researching and developing global software development and processes.
  • Best practice deployment results: "Reduced requirements analysis tie: 75%, Drop in urgent feedback reports: 30%"
  • Mobile service proofs of concepts to various industrial sectors including healthcare, building and construction, etc.
  • Production of DSP and Telecom SW for base stations

Additional information

Tua Huomo
Research Manager
+358 20 722 2451

Additional information

Tua Huomo
Research Manager
+358 20 722 2451

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