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Systems analysis

Our analyses and tailored methods reduce risk and uncertainty, and understand stochastic aspects.

The analyses can reveal weak points in systems, demonstrate compliance with high dependability requirements, provide understanding of stochastic phenomena, or discover hidden structures in complex data sets.

VTT has decades of experience in Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) studies for nuclear power plants in Finland and Sweden, as well as in reviewing several Eastern and Western European PSA studies.

Applications from nuclear safety to big data

We are interested in nuclear safety, dependability of communication networks and resilience of critical infrastructures, and have analysed the significance of heavy tails of probability distributions appearing in telecommunication systems.

Our studies have also concentrated on the power of distributed computing in the context of peer-to-peer networking and developed scheduling algorithms, while we are currently working on a novel generic approach to structuring big data sets.

Advanced mathematical methods and tools

For safety-critical systems, we use and develop quantitative risk and reliability models. VTT maintains the FinPSA risk and reliability analysis tool for full scope PSA/PRA modelling, and makes use of Bayesian networks for the aggregation of expert judgements and statistical inference.

For complex systems, such as communication networks and energy systems, we work with advanced methods of stochastic processes, queuing theory, random graphs, combinatorics, and mathematical statistics.

Relevant knowledge of real systems is essential when working on models of complex systems. Our projects often utilise VTT’s unique ability to combine different domain competencies, and we develop conceptual models to support multidisciplinary expert collaboration.

VTT is a member of international organisations and efforts promoting nuclear safety: OECD’s Nuclear Energy Agency, IAEA technical committees and missions, ETSON, Nugenia, Nordic Nuclear Safety Research projects, Nordic PSA group, and EU projects in support of East European regulatory bodies.

Additional information

Ilkka Norros (stochastic systems)
Research Professor
+358 20 722 5627

Markus Porthin (nuclear safety)
Senior Scientist
+358 20 722 6883