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Transport safety

Our high-quality research results are the basis for strategic policy decisions that improve the safety of road and rail transport.

Most losses caused by traffic accidents could be avoided through a range of more cost-effective measures that increase human well-being. Annual public health and socio-economic losses around the world resulting from inadequate traffic safety are staggering with more than a million fatalities and 12 million injured.

Fatalities in the EU exceed 30,000 annually, while socio-economic losses are close to 2% of regional output. Methods against inadequate traffic safety include increased passive safety of vehicles, electronic stability control, automatic speed control, and intelligent speed adaptation.

No more traffic fatalities or severe environmental accidents

Our expertise focuses on transport systems and the interaction of their components. The main research areas cover safety strategies and management, driver behaviour (including vehicle speed), road environment, traffic control and vulnerable road users, and rail traffic.

VTT’s research areas for road and rail transport safety include safety strategies and management, as well as safety and impact evaluations. Under the TARVA project, for example, we have conducted impact evaluations for national traffic safety plans, and developed tools for safety evaluation of road and rail improvements.

Our research on road and rail transport safety serves businesses, decision-makers, road and rail maintainers, and travellers. While our focus is on activities in Finland, we take an active part in European safety research and make use of our broad international expert networks, for example FERSI and ECTRI.

For the last 6 years we have been coordinating a research programme entitled Traffic Safety 2025, involving private companies and transport safety authorities.

Additional information

Juha Luoma
Research Professor
+358 20 722 4533

Harri Peltola
Principal Scientist
+358 20 722 6200