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Separation technologies for water and concentrates

Our separation concept offers industry good water quality, energy efficiency and resource recovery.

We make use of VTT´s multi-technological perspective – especially its know-how in filtration, advanced filter material, microbial control, on-line monitoring and simulation – to develop novel concepts for producing adequate water quality and raw materials from process waters, wastewaters and concentrates.

Filtration technologies manage water scarcity and enable water reuse

Filtration – and membrane filtration in particular – is seen as one of the main solutions for purifying and recycling water. Our development of robust filtration concepts for different industrial applications also considers pre- and post-treatments and utilisation of residual concentrates, while the technologies we develop to control fouling attain good filtering performance, such as high fluxes with a minor footprint.

Our focus also reaches beyond traditional membrane filtration and dewatering technologies to embrace emerging technologies, such as forward osmosis (FO), foam-assisted sludge dewatering and biomimetic solutions. These new technologies target low energy and fouling with high rejections of contaminants.

Top experimental facilities strengthened by measuring and simulation

Water concepts are developed together with industry either in confidential customer projects or in joint research projects. Examples include Purification of waters containing humic substances (EU-EAKR), where we develop economic purification concepts for large-volume waters containing humic compounds.

In Novel tools for real-time measurement of early stage membrane fouling we develop real-time methods for better membrane filtration practices, together with companies and Lappeenranta University of Technology.

With the University of Hong Kong we study phenomena of fouling and concentration polarisation, in a project financed by the Academy of Finland and aimed at developing fouling prevention technologies for FO.

In Purification and monitoring concept for mining water treatment based on new water technologies project our target is to find purification concepts for mining water treatment, focusing especially on the potential of membrane filtration.

Our tools include the various simulation software and on-line measuring often used for concept development, and our experimental research uses test rigs both in lab and pilot scale.

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Senior Scientist
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Senior Scientist
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Principal Scientist
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