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Wind power

We are a superior partner particularly within the fields of wind power technologies for cold climate, and managing the impact of wind power on power systems.

With more than 20 years of experience, we offer our clients both research related to wind power and business opportunities. We conduct foresight studies on the wind power market and create new services and technological solutions to ensure that the competitiveness of our partners remains good even in the future.

Technical solutions for wind power plants in cold climate

Ice build-up on wind turbine blades may cause major costs to actors within the sector. These can be reduced with the help of the ice prevention technology for turbine blades, developed by VTT. We have experience and special competence on icing, and modelling of production losses.

Our strengths include technologies and modelling systems related to wind measurement and wind power plants in cold and challenging conditions, such as on the coast, offshore, and in the fells. Arctic wind power plants and the simulation and modelling of their structural components play a key role in our operations.

Our modelling and R&D activities are supported by VTT’s versatile laboratory and field testing facilities. In our Icing Wind Tunnel, we test instrumentation for wind power plants, and perform performance measurements. We are also performing field tests on wind power plants.

Managing the impact of wind power on power systems

Wind power variations and prediction errors increase the cost of energy balance maintenance in electrical power systems. Using our simulation model of the electricity markets we can define the most cost-efficient solutions for future electrical power systems.

We investigate the development of short-term wind power forecasts, and offer plant-specific monthly and annual production statistics, including information about usability and production indices. In addition, we perform grid connection studies and modelling, required as part of the connection process, as consultation work, using for example PSS®E software.

We are involved in research collaboration under the auspices of the International Energy Agency (IEA), and co-ordinate research collaboration on cold climate wind power (Task 19) and wind integration (Task 25). VTT has participated in EU projects, such as REserviceS and TradeWind, and we have been involved in Nordic collaboration projects, including OffshoreDC, IceWind and TopNano. VTT takes active part in updating of wind power standards, such as IEC 61400-1.

Additional information

Geert-Jan Bluemink
Research Team Leader
+358 20 722 2139

Matti Paljakka
Key Account Manager
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