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Information and communication technologies

As Northern Europe's leading ICT research and development centre, VTT is at the cutting edge of new ICT technology development. We also provide a full range of business services that clients leverage to accelerate development and gain a competitive edge. These include technology and market forecasts, rapid prototyping, product and service development, small scale production, as well as licensing and intellectual property rights opportunities. Browse our business services and feel free to get in touch! Our highly skilled and motivated staff are looking forward to serving you.

Additional information

Juha Palve
Vice President, Business Solutions
+358 40 048 8414

Enabling context awareness, augmented reality and user-technology interaction

VTT brings businesses added
value with solutions like mobile user context, augmented reality and user participation in service development.

ICT for health and environment

VTT’s ICT solutions and expertise
help you develop products and services in the fields of wellness, health care and the environment.

Improving IP networks

Quality of Service (QoS) and
intelligent self* features bring
cost savings to IP networks.

Solutions for multimedia management & analysis

World-class content management
and delivery technologies are at the core of VTT’s multimedia offering.

Enabling Smart Grid Technology

ICT paves the way for an electricity revolution.



Advanced radio systems

We help companies to implement state-of-the-art and next generation radio systems.


Information and product

VTT offers a full range of security solutions to handle challenges in product design and network infrastructure.