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ICT for health and environment

VTT has a long track record of putting information and communication technologies to use in the fields of health, wellness and environmental sustainability. Over the years we have built a strong global collaboration network; an important advantage, given that the nature of research in this area is highly multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary. Drawing on global resources enables us to address research with the right mix of competences and skills.

Additional information

Kari Kohtamäki
Key Account Manager
+358 20 722 6007

Human data mining

Human data mining is one of VTT’s core capabilities. It involves data mining, bio-signal and medical image analysis, systems medicine and other relevant methodologies that aid us in discovering and developing innovative solutions for early diagnostics and effective disease therapies.

eHealth and mobile health

VTT supports individuals and health service professionals by creating health information infrastructures. These make patient data and medical knowledge instantly available whereever and whenever they are needed. Increasingly, our solutions include mobile components that enable integration into everyday situations.

Behaviour change management

Our solutions enable individuals to be responsible and proactive in managing their own health, and chronic conditions. Applications that we develop combine psychological intervention techniques with technology-based tools for self-management.

Environmental data analysis

VTT develops solutions for environmental monitoring and sustainability. Our areas of focus include satellite image-based remote sensing, ice navigation, participatory sensing and environmental information systems.