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Improving IP networks

With more systems of all kinds relying on the Internet and IP networks for connectivity, these networks have become critical infrastructure in our society. They need to be everpresent, always on, and reliable, with high data transfer speeds and quick response.

VTT assists companies with solutions that estimate network quality of service (QoS), reduce operating costs by bringing intelligence to core network management, and connecting real live objects with digital information.

Additional information

Tapio Rauma
Key Account Manager
+358 20 722 2498

Identification of network Quality of Experience (QoE)

VTT network monitoring tools bring insight into real life user experience. QoS tools provide information that is useful for both solving individual end user problems related to VoIP/IPTV and for mobile network troubleshooting.

Autonomous backhaul networks for lower OpEx

Our network solutions decrease both management time and cost through automation.

Moving towards the Internet of Things (IoT)

Businesses benefit in many ways with VTT IoT technologies. Objects, from cars to tags, can be information-linked over the Internet. Our technologies include a ubiquitous id architecture (uCode) and Near Field Communication (NFC).