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Enabling Smart Grid Technology

Changes in electricity management, such as the development of smart energy grids, will completely change the way we use and produce energy. VTT develops technologies that enable us to harness future possibilities. By pioneering effective, reliable, and secure ICT solutions for energy management, we enable new methods such as price-controlled consumption and distributed small-scale energy production.

Additional information

Tapio Rauma
Key Account Manager
+358 20 722 2498

Smart Grid communication

The grid of the future consists of a broadly distributed and flexible target system. Controlling the flow of energy most efficiently requires the use of advanced telecommunication systems with wireless components. VTT is tackling this problem with world-class knowledge of two-way communication with sensor networks and machine-to-machine (M2M) components.

Smart Grid simulation

There are no complete real world smart grid test beds available to develop best practices or find possible bottlenecks. VTT works with advanced modelling and simulation tools that have proved their accuracy and reliability in numerous demanding situations.

Smart Grid mobility

Is roaming electricity a possibility in the same way that roaming mobile subscriptions are? Or could VTT’s smart card technology be used to pre-pay for electricity for electric or plug-in hybrid cars? There are many new business models to consider.