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RF Sensing Solutions

VTT’s deep knowledge of radio frequency (RF) sensing solutions ranges from development of components, circuits and modules to sub-systems and systems. Our RF and millimetre wave solutions facilitate a wealth of applications, from low cost to high performance systems.

RF and millimetre wave systems

Wireless RF sensors and systems are used in applications from consumer products to high performance defence and scientific tools. The key factors in consumer products are cost and reliable performance, while space and defence applications typically demand the highest possible performance.

VTT’s vast experience in RF and millimetre wave systems allows us to develop novel solutions that meet our customers’ wide-ranging needs. As examples, millimetre and Terahertz (THz) imaging systems play an important role in detecting concealed weapons and explosives, while radio frequency identification (RFID) and near field communication (NFC) systems integrated into mobile phones allow new types of wireless connectivity and sensing applications.

VTT covers the entire development cycle

VTT has been researching and developing radio frequency sensor and system solutions for customers for decades. We are also a forerunner in the scientific community, having pioneered solutions from low cost RFID systems to state-of-the-art low noise receivers for scientific space missions such as Planck.

Our capabilities extend from component, circuit and module design and development to sub-systems and systems. We develop component and module technologies with customers and end users in mind, as many are used by external manufacturers and technology providers.

VTT provides customers solutions in several key research areas:

  • radio frequency identification - RFID
  • near field communication - NFC
  • millimetre wave identification - MMID
  • radars
  • low noise radiometers
  • millimetre wave and Terahertz imaging
  • communication systems.