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Solutions for food industry

VTT offers research services for the whole food production chain. All the important stages of the food innovation process, from technology and market foresight to commercialisation, are included. We focus on developing novel food concepts that meet consumer needs and take into account the requirements of sustainable development. In packaging research, our expertise covers active and intelligent packaging techniques and renewable natural materials. We offer research for safety control and advanced measurement technologies along the entire food chain. Furthermore, we help our customers in logistics risk management.

In food research we utilise enzymes and microbes to tailor food quality and functional properties. We focus on wholesome and health-promoting foods and food ingredients. Our special expertise is in plant-based raw materials and products (cereals, vegetables and berries) as well as fibre-rich, low-fat and low-salt foods. Control of microbial populations and interactions in food matrix, processes and gastro-intestine are important research areas. Consumer studies serve as a basis for our technology research. We develop methods to predict the health effects of foods and utilise systems biology to understand food-health interactions in-depth. 

VTT Culture Collection maintains and delivers microbial strains for various applications. Food processing pilot plant facilities are available for our customers. Nutritech Industrial Platform keeps our customers informed about activities in the field of nutrition and well-being.

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Key Account Manager
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