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Biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food industries

VTT has comprehensive expertise in biotechnology, food technology, pharmaceutical development and diagnostics.

In biotechnology VTT’s emphasis is in effective use of renewable natural resources in the production of industrial chemicals, biofuels and materials using enzyme biotools and cell factories. VTT hosts the Centre of Excellence in White Biotechnology – Green Chemistry, nominated by the Academy of Finland.

In food, malting and brewing research, we utilise biotechnical means to develop processes and novel product concepts that meet the expectations of consumers. We have strong expertise in raw materials and versatile utilisation of enzymes and microbes in food processing. Our solid understanding of factors affecting product quality and consumer expectations serves as the basis of new applications. New food and nutrition solutions are developed e.g. in a multidisciplinary NUTRITECH research programme.

In pharmaceutical development we focus on the services of the pre-clinical phase. VTT clarifies molecular-level function mechanisms by genome-wide high throughput screening methods and the use of bioinformatics. In this area, VTT hosts the Centre of Excellence in Translational Genome Scale Biology of the Academy of Finland. For diagnostics we develop novel antibodies and new generation process analytics methods. VTT has special expertise in new measurement methods and sensor technologies for small analytes, such as hormones, narcotics and toxins. In addition, we make use of our competencies in information technology, systems biology and pharmaceutical development in order to find and further develop biologically significant analytes.

For all the industries above, VTT also provides novel types of process analytical methods to improve efficacy and save costs. VTT owns substantial scale pilot equipment for trial activities. Respectively we develop new packaging solutions for our customers, including sustainable materials, anti-counterfeiting properties, enhanced attractiveness and ease-of-use for the consumers.

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Vice President
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