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Customized services in microsystem technologies

Heterogeneous integration

For vertical integration of heterogeneous technologies, VTT offers via-first polysilicon and via-last Cu Through Silicon Via (TSV)processes, which can be implemented on wafers before or after the CMOS processing. Through silicon vias accelerate device miniaturization, improve electrical performance of microsystems and enable novel circuit designs. We offer flip-chip processing services for chip-to-wafer and wafer-to-wafer bonding. 

VTT is also developing wafer-level metallic sealing processes for devices that require low operating pressure. 3D integration of MEMS devices is a good example of combining TSV and wafer-level sealing.

Integrated circuit technology-based development and production services

VTT can create non-standard or legacy device concepts thanks to our process development services. Detector elements and/or MEMS structures can be combined with integrated circuit (IC) technology.

Some advantages include the benefits of testing novel device concepts on silicon. Legacy devices can also be fabricated for small scale use. IC-based technology is used in co-integrated BioMEMS/MEMS sensors and actuators, co-integrated radiation detectors, and legacy discrete components.

Tunnel junction and superconducting devices for ultra-high-performance cryogenic circuits and detectors

VTT has 30 years experience of providing solutions and services for superconductor and tunnel junction device design and fabrication, and also offers help with small scale production.

We also offer a robust technology for Josephson junction devices based on niobium-aluminium/aluminium oxide-niobium (Nb/Al-AlOx/Nb) trilayer structures as well as aluminium-aluminium oxide structures. High-resolution miniaturized bolometer solutions are facilitated by our suspended Josephson junction technology and superconducting suspended bridge technology.

Integrated optics

VTT has developed a process for making photonic integrated circuits on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafers. These customised waveguide circuits are used for example in optical communication and sensing applications. We have also developed methods to integrate optical, optoelectronic and electronic chips, and to package them into optical modules. This enables the complementary use of technologies originating from VTT, our partners and our customers.

Advantages include:

  • world's lowest SOI waveguide propagation loss (0.1 dB/cm)
  • world's fastest thermo-optical switching and tuning (<1 µs response time)
  • good thermal conductivity in SOI wafers
  • thermo compression bonding with passive vertical alignment (+/-100 nm)
  • wafer-level integration and packaging capability.


VTT has developed technology for realising microfluidics using silicon, glass wafers, and polymers. Microfluidics, along with photonics and electronics, can be integrated to build advanced lab-on-a-chip devices. We have also developed chip interfacing with external fluidics and electronics.

Main application areas include:

  • diagnostics
  • bioprocess monitoring
  • environmental monitoring
  • cell measurements