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As northern Europe’s leading applied research organisation, VTT serves the global electronics industry with high quality research, design, rapid development, prototyping and small-scale manufacturing services. The cornerstones of our competences are world-class scientific research, cutting edge infrastructure and highly skilled, experienced personnel. Get in touch and find out how we can help you to meet your business needs.

Additional information

Juha Palve
Vice President, Customer Solutions
+358 20 722 2084

Sensing solutions

VTT takes a multi-disciplinary approach to the creation of novel sensing solutions. We help
process industry players to increase production efficiency and quality with innovative measurement solutions; and we work with sensor manufacturers in creating novel
and innovative sensor platforms
and products for new and existing markets.

Printed intelligence

Printed Intelligence means
producing easy-to-use, functional printed products, through high-throughput, cost-effective manufacturing. The VTT innovation centre is a global leader in printed intelligence, offering material formulation and roll-to-roll
processing services for components, systems, and business development.

Microtechnology solutions and services

Microtechnologies have the capacity to unlock the true potential of smart devices across many application fields, including consumer electronics, automotive, energy technology, healthcare and related areas.