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The Finnish energy system has some excellent features. Our energy policy is based on the versatile use of different fuels, energy production technologies and energy systems. Finland generates electricity from nuclear, hydro, natural gas, biofuel, coal, peat and wind sources. The efficient use of energy is based on combined heat and power production with high efficiency, low nominal energy consumption and low emissions.

VTT provides research, development and demonstration services to improve the competitiveness of customers by developing sustainable, safe and efficient energy, process and plant technologies. VTT pursues versatile energy research, from nuclear to renewables. Energy economy, transmission and storage as well as the efficient use of energy and the management of emissions form an essential part of our research. Our services and expertise cover all parties involved in the energy business value chain.

VTT also studies energy systems and supports political decision-making on energy issues. We have been a key executor of several national studies on the impacts of emissions trading on the Finnish national economy. VTT also studies these issues in the international context - for example, between Finland and neighbouring countries.

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Rauno Rintamaa
Vice President
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